So good in many ways!

“Was so happy that I booked David’s Kitchen for my mom’s birthday. Everything was so great from the amazing menu, the delicious food, the ambiance, and the service. The menu was extensive but everything looked so good on it. I was sad that I was actually suffering from a stomach bug at the time because I wanted to eat everything.

The lobster bisque is definitely ON POINT. I was weary to try because they’re usually heavy and creamy and it was actually so light and even foamy at the top. A must try.
The french onion soup doesn’t have much cheese which I welcomed due to my circumstance, but would’ve preferred more if I was feeling better. The beef cheek is also a must try! Melt in your mouth.

David himself also came to great us twice, our names were put on the table, and they also made arrangements for my mom’s birthday. He even sent us a followup email afterwards. The attention to detail and personal touch was an appreciated surprise. The decor is also light and comfortable for a ‘fancy’ restaurant. It never felt stuffy in there and it had a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

I highly recommend. A must go in Chiang Mai!”