Simply wonderful

“Wonderful place highly recommend it .

We spent New Year’s Eve here and it was fantastic .

Inle Heritage has only 6 rooms which makes it very cosy and exclusive .
The whole structure is built on stilts on the southern side of the lake.
The rooms are very spacious and the bathroom is made in traditional style with good space for clothing .
Every room stands alone with great privacy and a terrace with sunbeds overlooking the lake . So peaceful and truly special .

Inle Heritage is not just a guest house is also the training grounds for 48 local students which attend hospitality classes on site everyday , however you wouldn’t even realise that if not told as they are organically blending with the place daily activities. By staying here you contribute to their tuition fees as 60 % is reinvested in the community and different programs that run onsite .

One other beautiful touch is the vegetable gardens that are grown onsite and everything you eat is freshly picked from there daily .

Inle Heritage also runs a reintegration program of the Burmese cats, as they were apparently disappearing from their original land . There is a section , like a small island , that completely dedicated to the cats . I find it quite cute , but I am a cat lover , otherwise could come across a little random if you would ask my boyfriend instead:)))

On site there is a shop which sells most products you will find around on your artisan village visits , I think quality here was better and even cheaper than in the small artisan shops .

Few notes on the place :
dress warm as in the morning and evenings gets very chilly ( December / January i was there )

Take into account around 20$ for each transfer from and to the hotel as is surrounded by water so you need to take a boat ( which is a nice experience on its own) to get anywhere

Highly recommend the sunset on the lake

The staff is magnificent and the level of service was comparable to European standards , food also fantastic they even catered for me being a vegetarian adapting all menus; the warmth and attentiveness of the people here do make it a truly unforgettable experience .

Hope to be back one day and wish you an amazing stay

Stayed January 2017”