Silently Beautiful

“Where to start?? I was very happy and fulfilled with my stay at Neeleshwar Hermitage. A 2.5 hour drive from Mangalore airport. They organize pick up for you offering a cold ice towel which is much needed after few hours of flight. Also, there is fresh fruit in the car to help you get through the drive.

Staff: The staff is what impressed me the most about Neeleshwar Hermitage. The service staff are insanely courteous and sincerely caring about providing the utmost in hospitality. Chef Anish and Chef Deepak prepare wonderful dishes that are full flavored with local spices bringing the taste of India directly to your senses. The fact that I want to name every single department and staff member who left an impression on me should illustrate how amazing I thought the service at Neeleshwar was.

Why I recommend you go:

-The place has a weird way of making you forget yourself and focus on everything around you making you wonder all sorts of things.
-It’s beautiful. Beach tables where you’re eating deliciously seasoned fresh fish listening to the sounds of the Arabian Sea taking small glances up at the sky to view the stars.
-Mediation and yoga are classical bringing you back to a simpler frame of mind. It’s like Mr. Anil takes the beauty of the resort and channels it within you.
-Ayurveda aims to balance your mind, body, and soul. They don’t only sell it, Neeleshwar Hermitage embodies it. There is direct communication between the restaurant, the spa, the mediation and yoga instructor, and the management of the hotel. This is to ensure that all aspects of you are getting the best for your mind, body, and soul. This communication made you feel that the whole place had your best interests at heart.
-Ranipuram Trek. Went to the highest point 1050m above sea level and it was stunning. A moderately difficult climb but well worth it. Not for the lazy.
-Some of the freshest fruit you’ll ever have. I drank a fresh glass of orange juice and couldn’t believe how sweet it was.
-They literally climb the trees to get you coconut water. Can’t get better or fresher than that !!
-STAFF once again was amazing!

Overall, the place is great. It all depends though on what you’re looking for. There are things to do but ultimately it’s just a place to getaway from the world and focus on yourself. And they do everything they can so you don’t have to worry about anything but you.”