Secret Retreats

We are so glad choosed Rachamankha for our stay in Chiang Mai, such a elegant and heritage hotel. When arrived hotel, at first sight we thought we are passing by a temple, but its the hotel!!  Just from the entrance we have been wowed.  Architecturally is fusion of Thai and Chinese. Along the way we can see the landscape such as pine tree obviously growth in a chinese aesthetics way and the architectural pattern similar like Chinese quadrangle courtyard(四合院), but just a turn to another way, we can clearly recognize stong feature of northern thai style, and both are combined harmoniously. Many pantings and art collection you can find anywhere in the hotel, further more above the restautant there is a gallery of the owner. Room was smaller than what I expect, but nicely decorated with chinaware, very classic wardrobe, made me feel pass through to acient, just can’t stop take photo of it. Superior room only provide standing shower and its fixed shower head which I feel a bit out dated, amenities is excllent, my partner love the smell made from thai herbs. I will definetly return to Rachamankha when next visit to Chiang Mai, and recommend to my family and friends.