secluded paradise

“We spent 7 nights at Hotel Tugu in an Aloon-Aloon villa. The place is wonderful.
White sandy beach, spacious grounds and excellent food.
This is not a large hotel by the nimber of rooms but the “”rooms”” are all quiet, spaced out dwellings.
The aloon-aloon villas have their own small private garden but it was not needed the ground were so large you coud sit anywhere and be undisturbed. There were beds on the beach for quiet relaxation antd the sea was warm and shallow so very safe.
The hotel is quite out of the way, about 2 hours from the airport, but once you get there there is no need to leave. Everything is qeitly understated. The rooms are decorated with local art and there are artifacts everwhere that seemed like they ought to be in a museum.
Don’t expect a trouser press and an airconditioned restaurant. You eat outside in a thatched roofed dining hall, just stunning.
The atmosphere is so relaxing, no need to dress for dinner, just wash off the sunscreen and add a little insect repellant (probably not needed) and enjoy youselves.
This is a special hotel but not if you want nightlife.”