“The Island Lodge is a marvellous place! An oasis in the middle of a special place almost a junge beside the river. The view is historic, peaceful and really unique. There is nothing to compare with the Island Lodge in the area! The owner Michel and his wife Francoise are exceptional hosts not because of a necessity but because of a natural true passion to receive their guests with warmth and friendliness. It is a really comfortable feeling after traveling down from the chaos and noise of Ho Chi Minh! Breakfast is á la carte, it is slow and easy going just like the Mekong. Dinner is more or less the same. Lots of choice and lots of taste and just so comfortable. One of the best parts of this residence has to be the interior design. Michel did almost everything himself and if he ever gives up the Hotel business he could certainly try his hand at ID!! He has taste and style which is very seldom in a hotel of this size. Usually boutique hotels get a little Kitsch over load. Not here the attention to detail is impressive and highly soothing just before a early afternoon nap! The pool is big and super practical! And make sure you go with Michel on a bike tour. Probably something that will stay with me for ever for all the right reasons! Don’t bother looking at any other place if you want to stay a few days in the Delta