Relaxing and very different experience than usual hotel/resort!

“We stayed here for three nights and had a brilliant experience. I was a bit concerned I would get bored with nothing much to do as I knew it wasn’t possible to go off trekking into the country. However, there were a number of trips at no extra charge.

We went on the boat to visit a local village one day and saw how the school operated and the challenges facing the villagers. We were welcomed into the village by the people, cows who strolled down to see us, together with the dogs and chickens! On our way back we were able to kayak down the mangroves and see another aspect of the area and also challenge ourselves ... kayaking is OK if you know how to do it well although we managed not to kayak completely into the mangroves! It was good fun and the guides follow closely to help out.

In the evening we took a short trip down to see the fireflies which were amazing but also it was beautiful to see all the stars in the sky which can be a rare sight when you live in a busy UK town.

The other trip we took was to the waterfall which was great. It’s trickey to go across the rocks but the guide was really helpful showing us the way and supporting us. You could swim in the water there and it was really warm and a great experience.

On each trip we had lunch prepared for us and we could eat it on the boat. Meals were exceptionally good and breakfast was great as you had a number of choices which were brought to you .. so much nicer than wandering around a buffet breakfast.

Staff generally were brilliant and all were exceptionally supportive and if they didn’t know the answer to a query would find out the answer for us.

Finally, the tent itself. It was so unusual but comfortable and had everything you needed. It didn’t have wi fi etc but that’s not exactly the ‘end of the world’ ... we were there for a different experience and that’s what we got. The bed was really comfortable and it was great when the tent gently rocked sometimes.

We would definitely visit again and I could thoroughly recommend it.”