rejuvinating natural splendour

“At this point in your travels this is the perfect place to be. Whether you’ve just completed your travels over to begin a trek or are in the middle of your journey you’re probably ready for some clean air, beautiful views and sophisticated but understated pampering. The lodge itself sits astride a mountain ridge outside Pokhara allowing views to the north (Himalyas) and south (Pokhara). If your expecting “”bling”” (flat screens etc) forget it. If your expexting a proper mountain lodge then this is it. Beautiful architecture, natural building materials, total comfort, privacy and unbelievable scenery. I stayed for 3 days and never tired of the food, on the contrary I was left wondering what’s next. Every meal has a local or continental version impeccably prepared and served. The chef and many of the staff have been at the lodge since it opened and have the food, beverage and service dialled in. I know this might sound a little ridiculous but I spent 3.5 weeks travelling India and Nepal and this was my favorited place to spend a few days. I guess it was just the perfect place at the right time. Next year we are hoping to do a 2 week trek, this is where we plan to start and end, I can’ wait.