Reece trip on Katingan River & Sebangau National Park

I was lucky to be part of this 5 days Reecee trip – a trip that hasn’t been done before. It was very very well organised and the many transfers between the lovely Ruhui Rahayu river boat and the small canoes that brought us along the small black water tributaries, all went smooth. Staying in the stilted house on the black water lake, Danau Bulat, was great. It was wonderful to get special food treats from Ruhui Rahayu brought the 1 km into the lake. The highlight of staying in Sebangau National Park at the WWF lodge was great. So was trekking at night to set the photo trap. Sailing further into Sebangau National Park on the Panggu Alas black water river to the lake with the same name was equally exciting. A wonderful trip. Lisbet (Denmark)