Really liked it but needs a little improvement

“We were there on our honeymoon, i loved the pool and how quite it can be. The only downfall was that everything can be heard. The resort consists of 5 tents and 3 tree houses/ huts. We could hear the breakfast buffet being prepared, our neighbors talking so we couldn’t enjoy our time together as much as we would have liked because everything and everyone is so close to each other. I like my private life kept private, not for everyone to hear just because “”ill never see them again or don’t know them””. I did like that they offer a complimentary shuttle service into town, you should order it at least 30 min before. As for the tents they are nice and cozy but our tent was full of ants for some reason, and when we showered the drain was semi clogged so just after 2 minutes the water would over flow and get all over.
The fans would make the room cool enough at night but during the day we preferred staying in the pool or going into town, AC’s are optional for an extra charge.
The pool was beautiful overlooking the trees and listening to the nearby birds and nature which was nice and relaxing. The breakfast was nice and simple. I loved the freshly made jams and juices and the staff was always kind, helpful and had a smile on their faces. We didn’t take a yoga lesson but i would recommend it or even if you know yoga to try out the yoga deck by the reception cause its beautiful all in its own.
I would recommend that they invest in either training or obtaining an actual bar tender as the staff isn’t equipped to make cocktails. Overall, it was a good experience, it just needs a few tweaks here and there.”