Phenomenal! The most incredible experience and marvelous resort

This is our favorite place in the world now! Raja Ampat is astounding and Misool eco resort is the true gem of the region! We were there as snorkelers and loved every aspects of our stay there. Everything was organized and personalized flawlessly, from the booking process and transfer from Sorong to our perfectly set snorkeling planning on a great variety of gorgeous sites, everything about our stay was indeed quite perfect! Our bungalow was impeccable and spacious, wonderfully appointed and located, with the best outdoor bathroom of all times, the food was incredible with a variety of local and international choices, the snorkeling sites were remarkable. And maybe above everything else, everyone at the resort was formidable, each and every person working there warmly and kindly gave us the best experience of our lives! We are traveling around the world for a couple of years and this is by far the most amazing location and resort we’ve visited! The conservation efforts of the resort are working, the area is thriving again, it’s inspiring. To us, Misool eco resort is a true haven and bliss is what we continue to feel when looking back at our time there. We will return for sure and highly recommend them. Thank you all again for making our time in Raja Ampat so unique and unforgettable.