Perfect last 2 nights in Seoul at this hidden gem

“I stumbled upon RakKoJae as I was searching for unique experiences in Seoul. Sure enough, staying at RakKoJae was one of the highlights of my first trip to South Korea. I thought spending my last 2 nights here before I fly home would wrap up my travel great, and it did. Now where do I begin?

The hanok guesthouse – Simply beautiful, tasteful, and serene. First night I stayed in Master bedroom, second night in Far bedroom. I love both rooms. But beyond the rooms, RakKoJae really gives you a wholesome experience. You aren’t staying in rooms. You are staying in a beautiful hanok house

The experience – The natural jade flooring is awesome. It gives you the cool relaxing feel, especially in spring/summer season. The hinoki wooden bathtub is also great. The Korean breakfast is one you have to try in the morning (it’s really good). You could also try on hanbok during breakfast time. Fun to wear it, take photos, with hanok environment as Instagram-worthy-background. Don’t forget to try out the yellow mud sauna. I stayed for about 30 mins, sweating but feeling anxious at the same time. It was really soothing that I almost fell asleep!

The staff – Mr. Kim, the General Manager, was really attentive and helpful since the beginning of reservation, during my stay, until bidding me farewell as I leave RakKoJae for the airport. Thank you for your kindness and your hospitality

On my last night, it was drizzling in Seoul. Relaxing on RakKoJae’s patio, reading a book, and enjoying the house’s evening view? Couldn’t ask for a better experience. I shall return one day and try Patio Room next time :)”