Peaceful, very interesting

“The resort had just reopened after the rainy season and therefore there were not yet many guests. I find the property really beautiful, service was very attentive and the food delicious. Sightseeing in Mrauk Oo is best done with a guide. The pagodas are all within a relatively short distance from the resort (about 2 – 3 miles), the very interesting excursion to the Chin villages takes about 3 hours (car and boat). Personally, and like some other guests, I found Mrauk Oo more interesting than Mandalay. If you don’t come with a guide, the resort can arrange the sightseeing for you.
Prices are a bit higher than one might expect, but as this is one of the poorest states in the country, the resort has to order many supplies from Yangon to be able to deliver a high standard of service.
Some of the staff are more proficient in English than others, but there is not much opportunity in the region to speak English. They are very keen to learn more and engaging them in short conversations, will be very helpful to improve their language skills.
My stay was very peaceful, I really enjoyed the excellent service, the delicious food and the very interesting sightseeing,”