Peaceful trip away from the city

“The resort arranged a car to pick us up at the airport, which took us on a long drive out of the city and into the woods. Afterwards, we still need to take another ride on a boat, that was waiting for us on the docks.

Once we arrive at the resort and greeted with an extremely friendly service, we immediately felt charged up. We were told that there are a variety of activities that we could do, and the best thing is that there is no internet, cell phone reception and absolutely no wifi. It is the ultimate getaway tactic. They have a small reading room filled with books, dvds and board games that you can borrow though. Each tent has a tv and dvd player and strictly no AC.

The food is fantastic, I typically like breakfast, where you can pick one of each selection on the menu (I did gain weight after this trip). Each and every one of the staff is amazing and helpful. We stayed there for a few days, so we are able to do plenty of activities. We went to a small fisherman village at Koh Srolao, saw Tatai waterfall and kayaking around the mangroves. Try kayaking near the resort, just on the back there is a hidden area that is so peaceful and quiet. Didn’t go off the boat because a few staff warned us of leeches. Also tried fishing, but that didn’t go so well, the current is too strong.

It was a perfectly amazing trip. Away from emails, social medias, texts and other things that “”concerns”” us. Try staying a few days here, be in touch with nature and yourself, surrounded with nature, wonderful people and delicious food.”