Peaceful place with very accommodating staff

“The staff, premises and rooms make this place wonderful. Staff is extremely accommodating and anticipates every need. You don’t ever get “”no”” as an answer. The amount of effort the staff gives is unmatched, especially in such a remote location.

Food is great not amazing. They gave me extra portions since I was a big eater which was very kind.

The Of Rice and Men excursion was great w an amazing picnic lunch. For our other excursion, Mountain bikes were mediocre but good enough for our ride. Not trails but back dirt roads.

We also selected to do a full day hike w a guide. The part we did was great but if you plan on doing a hike make sure you ask some questions and prepare accordingly. We weren’t warned until last minute about the potential leeches that would inevitably crawl on us during a certain point in the hike. We ended up not getting that far anyway as we cut our long hike short when we reached an extremely steep area w loose gravel. Getting down would have been too difficult. We are fit and intermediate hikers and it wouldn’t have been enjoyable.

Overall the Muang La Lodge experience was great. The price is what it is, and I found myself wondering if I could have found a better deal for a similar experience in Laos. Make no mistake, you’re definitely in some great hands at the lodge.”