Paradise in the middle of another paradise.

“The hotel lays on the lake, and you need to get there by boat. The trip is so relaxing you starting getting into the rythm. The last part of the trip, has to be done rowing, they do not allow the noise of the boat motors bother their customers. It is just incredible. They preserve the customer rest and we even got a note from the direction apologizing because a monastery nearby had night prayers due to some festivity.
The room we got was facing the lake directly. We woke up in the morning with the amazing views, and even some ducks feeding right below us. We enjoyed the best sunsets and dawns from our room porch.
We visited in December, one of the coldest months there (around 18-20 ºC) but we got the option to light our chimney (yes we had one) and warm up there.
The restaurant was spacious and the food amazing. They service was super educated, we got a waiter very young that clearly was being trained and we could only praise the teacher and the pupil. We did not fully use the rest of installations, but we really enjoyed our stay. I would come back if I could.”