Paradise Found

“After learning of Misool almost four years ago, we had a dream come true when we visited in June 2015. Misool is one of the few places on earth where the natural world has largely been untouched by man and is now being protected from any further degradation. It is as close as any of us can come to paradise above and below water. It is worth every minute of the long journey to reach it.

This resort is primarily focused on diving because of the unmatched marine diversity in the Raja Ampat islands. But there is excellent snorkeling on the house reef (which is very accessible and teaming with fish) as well as at sites very close by. We were very fortunate to have Bram as our dive master on all dives. He listened carefully and did an excellent job on finding the pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, crabs, giant clams and a wide variety of fish we hoped to see. He was always patient and always very helpful. We were very fortunate to have dived with only the two of us on every dive. In addition, we had to opportunities to snorkel with Herry, Ferry and Daddy in the house reef and other reefs nearby with our non-diver family member and other guests. Each was an excellent guide always attuned to our requests. Among the many positives to this resort is the quality of the Dive Center staff which helped our stay exceed our expectations for our dives and snorkeling excursions. (...) We are very honored to have visited Misool and will always carry great memories of the location and the staff. We hope that we can return to Misool again. It is paradise and is the most peaceful place that we have ever visited.”