I’ve been coming back to Flower island this year and have been 5 times. The enchanting island is an amazing setting of nature at its finest. Picture perfect beach, glorious sunsets and rustic luxurious atmosphere untainted by commercialism. The almost private landscape is give you a feeling of owning an island. So many things to do from walking on a path around the island(which takes 40mins), doing the trail up to the islands peak where there is a lounge area and lighthouse, Watershorts activities, island hopping, picnic lunch by the beach and must go south sea pearl farm visit. The simple and healthy gastronomic treat presents the abundance of the sea, salads, fruits etc. I can’t forget the unforgettable. memories at the island bar and you can’t miss their very own caipirinha. One can’t help embrace the sounds of nature as it cradles one to blissful reflections. The most special attraction is the warmth of the staff of the resort where we were all treated like family... a distinct and wonderful setting you can actually call home.