“We stayed 3 nights for a family birthday celebration. We were 5 adults. It was a wonderful respite after travelling the rough roads of Sikkim. I agree with the earlier reviews and experiences and won’t repeat the wonderful activities available. We did the walk to the river which we really enjoyed. On arrival (after being met with cool refreshing flannels and homemade lemonade) I lay down on a wooden bench by river and within seconds a lovely man appeared with pillow and large cushion for bench. I enjoyed a snooze while lunch on the barbecue. Wonderful care and our needs were met before we realised we had a need. Lovely lovely people. We chose not to dine communally but enjoyed wonderful candlelit family dinners on the terrace of our bungalow, served by a lovely gentle caring man.
The drive into Darjeeling is long, bumpy and slow. I would recommend you don’t waste a day of your precious time in Glenburn. Rather spend two nights in Darjeeling before or after Glenburn. We would have liked at least another night in Glenburn. It really is worth the journey in.