Outstanding Resort and Staff

“We stayed at MesaStila for 4 nights and it was overall outstanding, with two small let downs (at of the review).

The staff are excellent, probably the most helpful and friendly that we’ve encountered anywhere. They really made use feel comfortable and welcome. The hotel and grounds are beautiful and well maintained, the entire time we were in the resort we felt at peace and a sense of wonder from the ambience. The resort has great complimentary activities in-resort, and we tried many of them and enjoyed them all. The coffee plantation tour was particularly interesting. The food in the restaurant was fantastic, we each tried different food from the Indonesian section of the menu and enjoyed everything we had.

The issues we had were the airport transfer and the hotel organised excursions. Both were significantly overpriced. The airport transfer was about 300,000 IDR more than it would have cost us to organise ourselves, but we decided to use it as we were staying for a special occasion and thought that for that price it would be a special service; it wasn’t. We probably would have had better service going with a random taxi tout. Despite being sent by the hotel the driver did not seem to know where the hotel was.

Looking at the excursions you could book through the hotel, we found them overpriced. We organised an excursion ourselves to Borobudur and Prambanan together and our driver was excellent. Everything included it was about 1 million IDR cheaper than it would have been to take the hotel organised excursion that went to Borobudur ALONE. What was especially bothersome about this, was we spoke to some other hotel guests who were wondering whether visiting Borobudur was worth what the hotel was charging. Given how impressive Borobudur is, I think it’s a shame that visitors might not get the opportunity to visit simply because of overcharging.

Having said all that, if you stay at MesaStila you won’t regret it, it’s a fantastic resort and the staff are outstanding. Staying there is worth every penny. Just organise your excursions and transfers yourself unless you want to pay through the nose.”