Our second time, our second amazement

“We went to Locavore for lunch, and again, were amazed by the whole experience.
As soon as we walked in, we spotted all these amazing chefs working around the tiny kitchen, like ballet dancers except for it was their hands who were at the core of the coregraphy.

Except for the “”bienvenue””, there was not a single dish that was in the menu when we visited the first time. And we therefore embarked on a 100% new cullinary adventure.
We went for the 7-dishes menu, and all of you reading this and planning to try, please do the same.
Yes that’s a lot, but you may eat less in the evening if you are there for lunch, or just go for a walk afterwards if you dine there.
Portions are perfectly sized, and there was not a single bite when we thought “”hum, pretty good””.
It was a “”that’s unbelievably good””!!!!

We went for a very reasonably priced Tempranillo and it did perfectly match everything.

We are lucky enough to often have the opportunity to eat at very good restaurants.
Locavore offers one of the very very best value-for-money experience. If not the best. In our opinion that is.

Make sure you book several weeks ahead if for dinner. Slightly less for lunch.
Just find a way to go!”