Our favourite Thai restaurant in Bangkok . Really tasty..great décor

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“At the Supanniga Eating room we experience the flavours of Thailand..real provincial Thai food from the different regions..especially the eastern regions.
The decor is exciting..and very cutting edge..exposed brick..huge smoky glass mirror..and it signature colours of shades of yellow…Exciting wall mural of cotton reels with yellows..i would have added a few more tropical plants..
Service is efficient, friendly and brisk..we did not have to wait long for these freshly prepared dishes..with friends one can order a range of food..my favourites this time..and I have been serval times..a salad of lemon grass and shrimps, omelette..and this amazing fish soufflé with a banana leaf wrapping …Comfortable hip place with great tasty food..prices for the quality..reasonable..always full so booking is essential.
A little touch..i loved the hand soap in the ladies and have been looking for it for sale in Bangkok.”