Orangutan spotting in comfort

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“Wow Borneo’s trip on their comfortable boat for three nights and four days gave us a real insight into Borneo, it’s jungle and wildlife. On spotting our first orang-utan we thought we were in luck but then to find 7 in a group was wildly beyond our dreams with them even coming to the waters edge for a closer inspection of us. A tree full of hornbills and 2 Proboscis Monkeys completed the talley for the day.
On the last morning we were taken to a village only accessible by boat to be greeted by the Elder, Pak and a welcoming ceremony with children learning the ancient ritual. Pak took us to the jungle to see trees and spices growing, explaining their medicinal properties and the need to protect the jungle. We need more Paks to safeguard the forests and environment of Borneo.
On the boat we were lucky to be the only guests and the staff looked after use beautifully. Meals were all freshly cooked using local delicacies and our guide was attentive throughout. The cabins are perfectly adequate, clean and comfortable.
Take a trip with Wow Borneo now before the world finds this gem.”