One of the best trips we have ever done

“We had the most marvellous and memorable 4 day trip on the boat in October. The staff were absolutely superb. Only superlatives will do. We were so fortunate to have Putu who informed us without lecturing. He was so easy to get on with. We were very fortunate and my husband, daughter and I had the boat to ourselves because the other family booked on the boat wanted to do a private charter.

We have been on beautiful boats on the backwaters in Kerala on several occasions and also on boats in Myanmar and Vietnam but this beats them all by a mile. The river was serene and we hardly saw any tourist boats only the locals going about their work.

Seeing the orangutans and learning about them was one of the best things that we have done in a long time. They are such beautiful and intelligent animals and I now try not to buy any products which contain palm oil which is destroying their habitat. ”