One of the best resorts I have stayed in

“If there is nothing negative to say about a place it must have been a great stay. Absolutely everything was perfect! The way we were welcomed, the amazing room, the privacy, the open air bathroom, the postcard white sand beach, the fantastic staff, the good food, the organized waterfall tour, our private driver, the Spa treatment and all the other hotel facilities.

Our room number was 107 and it was the first room next to the main swimming pool. Only a green lawn separates the beach from the back garden where we had our own private swimming pool. The room was so big it feels like staying in an old castle and had one of the biggest beds I have ever slept in. The 6m high ceiling, some great pieces of art, a sofa, a huge desk, a seating area and a majestic 3m high mirror where some other interior highlights. The bathroom is integrated in the garden where there was a big fishpond. Shower and bathtub our outside surrounded by nature.

The Wi-Fi throughout the resort is surprisingly really good. Signal and speed were but fantastic and one of the best I have experienced in Indonesia.

The hotel complex is huge and it is lovely to wander around. Everywhere you will find pieces of art and other things of interest. Every time you go around you will discover another lovely spot. There is another massive pool, unfortunately I only had time to take a look at it the morning we left. Seriously this is one of the best resorts I have ever stayed in!

The hotel organised a perfect private tour for us to the best waterfalls in Lombok. Our driver was lovely and let the us free in wherever we wanted to go. It was completely tailored to our wishes. We scheduled a massage at the resort, but because we loved the tour so much we were 3h late. That was no issue and as soon as we arrived the staff organized the massage for us. The spa treatment was absolutely lovely and definitely I would definitely recommend it. All perfectly planned!

For sunset we walked around in low tide and search for tiny marine life. There is so much you can find in the 20cm deep water: nudiebranch, starfish, spanish dancer, crabs, little shrimps, etc. The staff brought us water shoes and helped us finding funny marine life. There is a raft out in the sea, it seems far, but is pretty close and snorkelling around is fun. The hotel also offers a canoe and a SUP board free of charge. Absolutely great experiences, thank you all! I wish I remembered the names of the staff to thank them personally.

Our boat from Bali arrived at a pier only 9km from the resort and a normal meter taxi was only $2. The hotel did not have a complimentary pick up/drop off. For such a low-fare it would have been a nice service if this would be complimentary. Would have saved a lot of hassle.

The only thing I can come up with is that the prices of food and beverages in the resort are somehow a bit outrageous compared to the standard prices in Indonesia, but luxury has its price so somehow it’s understandable. It seems that there is not much around the resort but I did not really do an effort finding something else as we were treated like royals by the fabulous staff.”