Once you had to be good all of your life to seek Paradise, and then there was Tugu

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“We had great expectations regarding staying at Hotel Tugu, they were met and exceeded. One experiences what it might have been like to be a Royal family staying at their chief Royal residence; it was so good. The hearts of the staff were on their sleeves with welcoming wishes and behaviour that was so genuine, they really care and whilst training can be taught, this seemed well beyond that, really like coming home to a loving family. Facilities were of the high standard expected and as the name “”Tugu”” implies, artifacts of a bygone era were everywhere including your spacious abode. I cannot add many more photos that would exceed those already on display on their web page but shall add a short video of our last night’s dinner (St Valentine’s day) and photographs of the surprise we got when returning to our room; thank you so much room staff, you are the best.
Thank you Hanny for providing us with a five and a half star experience and thank you for the magnificence of the meals provided, sumptuous breakfast, wondrous and delicious afternoon tea and glorious dinners.
Fortunately the secluded and long white sands of the beach out front, enabled some exercise to keep the waistlines within (reasonable) shape. Jon and Nancy”