“My family came across this wonderful “”pit stop”” many years ago during our land trip from Yogyakarta to Semarang. Back then it was still called Losari Coffee Plantation. And as a city kid, I was entranced by the natural environment and rustic Javanese environment/architecture of the resort. My family have not had the pleasantry to stay in the Villa’s as both my grandparents lived in between (us passing by happened during Indonesian national holidays) yet, but we always made sure to have a lunch break on their Restaurant when possible. The scenery from the restaurant (and swimming pool) itself is a treasure not to be forgotten. The same goes for the food and service. Never in my many experience coming here had I ever had a sullen or non friendly staff aiding my short stay. Never had the food ever disappointed me either.

I’m no coffee expert, but even as a child I had loved their roasted coffee beans + palm sugar condiments, it is to die for! (Available from August – Sept according to the nice lady by the Gallery). As for my latest visit, I had the pleasure to devour their absolutely delicious “”Starfruit Salad””, perfect for the summer! And lets not forget their “”Udang Bakar Madu””, that one menu I still remember from my earliest visit. Perhaps my next visit can be the spa / the villa :)”