Mind blowing experience

“As I am new to the fine dining scene I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but once the first tasting dish came out it was like a flavor bomb went off in my mouth and woke up taste buds I didn’t know I even had and the night got better from there from the 7 starter tasters which seem to never end (trust me I didn’t want it too) to the main my partner and I got the 5 course one herbacore and the other locovore it was the best way to go so we got to sample each others food yes they were small in size but I couldn’t of eaten and more once it was finish we had dessert to finish off but even that was a experience as I don’t really have a sweet tooth I was in heaven with the predessert taster then the dessert then the final dessert sample board neither I or my partner could fault our night at all it was culinary delight with amazing produce which is as fresh as you could possibly ask for yes the staff could use a few lessons on how to talk abit slower and louder as we couldn’t really understand what we were eating but that just added to the excitement seriously looking forward to returning next time I’ll be doing the 7 course with drink pairing
Highly recommended and yes its pricey but if you were to go to Melbourne new York London or anywhere else for the quality you’d probably put a extra 0 on the end of the bill
Great concept from a fellow Aussie and dutch working together highly recommend”