Memorable experience

“We went to JL Studio to celebrate my girlfriends birthday. The booking process took a while because the phone number is used by the restaurant below and there was some kind of miscommunication, however, all was sorted out.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by staff, sat down and offered drinks. I’m quite a talker and it was great that the staff were so friendly and easy to talk to. Our waiter explained to us about the meal that we would soon try. The thing that he made very clear to us is that the progression of meals would be like a journey, that was definitely the perfect way to explain it.

Over the 8 or 9 courses, the meal progression was perfectly set up, the flavors were well defined and everything was delicious. When the signature dish came out, the vision was explained to us by Chef Jimmy himself. He stayed a few minutes and spoke to us which was a very nice gesture.

I told him that one of my favorite Singaporean dishes was chill crab. He told me that upon my next visit, I’d just need to mention it to him and he would prepare it for me, again, the feeling of importance that he gave me was a nice touch.

I’ll definitely be going back, hopefully for my own birthday this November.”