Luxury By The Beach In The Heart of Canggu

“The history of Hotel Tugu is a great story! Some time ago a poor student took a trip with a professor to Canggu and at sunset met with a stranger who gave the professor a Cupu Manik, a 16th century stone bowl of three parts from which was used by a priest to sprinkle holy healing water over sick villagers. The Cupu Manik was of priceless cultural value and inspired the students deep and lasting love of Indonesian antiquities and history.

Several years later, the poor student had become a professional antiquarian and continued to search for the Cupu Manik to own for himself. Eventually he found the precious artefact which is now housed at Hotel Tugu. The student is the founder of Tugu Hotels, Exotic Spas and Restaurants, and these hotels now house his large collection of Indonesian art and antiques. A trip to Hotel Tugu is truly a step back in time!


There are 22 rooms, 19 of which are suites, 2 one bedroom villas and 1 two bedroom villas. The suites are large, with a living area, bedroom, separate shower room and the best bit, the bathtub which has a huge room all for itself looking out to the gardens and the ocean!

If you treating yourself or this is a special occasion you may want to opt for the luxurious Puri Le Mayeur villa, a spacious single story villa overlooking the stunning lotus pond. The villa celebrates the eternal love between the famous Belgian artist, Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merprès and Ni Polok, his muse and his wife.

The second incredible villa option is the Walter Spies Pavilion, designed with the art deco era of Java in the early 20thcentury in mind. This room is dedicated to German poet and artist Walter Spies, an influential German musician and painter who made Indonesia his home.


I was treated to a ‘Purnama & Tilem Massage’ Energy of the Bali Moon, during my stay at Tugu and I can honestly (yes, really) say this was the best massage I have ever had. Not just because of the massage itself, but at Tugu they take the care to the make the treatments a unique experience.

My therapist, Widia, greeted me and explained that before the massage we would walk down to the beach where we would wash our feet and place an offering for the gods. At the end of the massage we would do place a second offering at the hotels temple. Its hard to explain why, but there was something extremely relaxing, just going through these spiritual rituals that you almost don’t even need the treatment!

But of course, I had it! The massage itself is essentially a traditional Balinese massage that lasts for over an hour and is in the outdoor spa area, so you can drift off whilst listening to the sounds of the ocean.


Breakfast and Afternoon Tea is included in your stay at the hotel. For Breakfast you can take this in your room, outside in the courtyards by the pool or in the open plan dining area. There are several delicious breakfast options to choose from, each coming with fresh fruit juices and fresh fruits.

In the afternoon, between 4 and 6pm, you can enjoy a delicious afternoon tea with an array of delicious cakes and treats. Make sure you get back from any surfing or sightseeing during the day in time to enjoy this!

And for the evening you can dine at the hotels stunning restaurant, and enjoy cocktails upstairs at the bar overlooking the streets of Canggu. Tugu offers a range of traditional dining experiences that can be enjoyed in a variety of private nooks around the hotel.

Becky van Dijk Travel”