Luxury at its Best

“We stayed here with our families and each family had its own villa. Each villa is unique and different from one another and faces the pond that is in the centre.

The villa has a great relaxation area that serves daily afternoon tea and snacks. The area is an open space so we could listen to the nature and the insects and birds sing. The food was delicious as well. We stayed here for a couple of nights and we were able to book the private room that sat all of us around a large family round table. The food was different each night and it was delicious! The service was also exceptional.

We were able to fish and swim in the infinity pool at the resort. We loved the ambience and the tranquillity.

TIP: Just outside the villa there is a non-profit mini school that was started by a couple. They wanted to provide good education to the aboriginal kids who live in the area. Many university students volunteer their time to educate the children. If you were to go visit this place, please visit the mini school and perhaps you can donate some school supplies, books and perhaps mini donations. The volunteers (university students) also help serve food that the couple runs to help support the mini school. Go dine there if you are curious!!”