Lovely service, imaginative food, and great attention to detail

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“I read an article about Le Du and was intrigued by its promise of elevating Thai style food. I have been in Thailand for several weeks and have enjoyed the food but not been blown away by anything that I have not tried before until tonight.
We elected the 6 course tasting menu. This is really a bit more than expected because there is an amuse bouche and a fruit plate that is not listed.
Server was Erica who was warm, attentive and knowledgeable. The dishes range from sea bass, river prawn, aged beef, pork jowls and a sustainable fish. Each was presented with a lovely Thai inspired sauce and accompaniment.
While all the dishes were terrific in their own way, our favorites were the pork jowls an the sea bass. The lovely staff recognized my husband’s celebration of his birthday with an extra dessert.
So what would I say could be improved: the beef dish was the weakest in that while flavorful, it was a bit chewy. I did not observe the concerns voiced by other reviewers as a high noise level, or feeling of being rushed. We were dressed in a neat manner and felt welcome. We thought the bill was reasonable for this type of meal. Yes, there is a service charge but the charge is 10% which in our opinion is low for the amount of service and 50% of the expected tip in the US.
I did find the reservation system challenging. I made a reservation for one evening, and then realized we would be open earlier in the week and tried to change the reservation. I sent an email, and initially, did not get a response. The hotel clerk called for me and changed the reservation, But I received no confirmation of change. This is partly my fault because the hotel gave the name on my passport which is slightly different ( nickname versus formal first name) that they did not recognize as the same person. We called again, confirmed and a few hours later I received a change of reservation with right day, wrong time. 2 more calls and 3 emails later, it was cleared and confirmed. So lesson learned; choose the time you want on the first try.
Also, the location is a little tricky. It is in a a Soi or a little alley. So leave a little time to find it.”