“I have had two lunches here and although I liked almost all of the dishes, there are a few that were borderline disgusting. The whole showmanship aspect, lengthy affair of eating each morsel as its own chapter of your life, starts to feel more like some sort of culinary striptease rather than a joyous gifting. I know they want to give each taste its due, but the timing never felt quite right, and sometimes I would anticipate when the next dish would arrive, eating ridiculously slowly, only to be surprised by the sudden arrival of the next amazing thing.

This place aims to create a tour de force dining experience, with discs of some mashed-together vegetable, or a deep fried leaf of something you never thought of eating. Exquisite sauces, pleasing texture combinations, and clever reinventions of some silly thing like a mushroom... these are what are in store for you at Locavore.

But every once in a while, you get some taste of something straight out of American Psycho, the novel where young investment bankers vie for tables at NYC’s latest culinary palaces, with such bizarre dishes as “”Shad Roe Omelet”” are on the menu.

By the way, I want to thank Locavore for never serving me anything with sea foam on it. There’s a gimmick you will see at Mosaic, but, thankfully, never encountered that fad at Locavore. The chef is into invention, rather than riding trends set by others.

That said, there were a couple of memorable dishes (for the wrong reasons) which were just too weird to finish. I mean, I could eat around this one that had some sort of oatmeal-type grain... it wasn’t polenta or oats, either. It was just too cold and mushy, though, and I went for the sauce and crispy bits next to the gruel.

When I asked for a custom cocktail, describing to the waiter that I liked bitters and dry flavors, he came back from the bartender with a suggestion for something described as using sugar. I had to kind of back-and-forth it for several minutes with the waiter and bartender before he arrived at something without sugar or fruit, and it was tasty and original, but I was surprised by the amount of discussion we had to have. I do appreciate the precision concern for my tastes in alcohol and seasoning, but be forewarned that if you ask the bartender to invent something for you, it may mean starting a conference.

I still give these guys a high score because there is nothing else like it in Bali, and the cooks take such pride in their work. But be aware that not every exquisite little dish will be a firecracker of pleasure.

Hard surfaces throughout the restaurant make for awful acoustics. Sound bounces everywhere and I prefer softer atmospheres for fine dining.”

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