Location, Location, Location

We stayed at the Rakkojae Seoul, a traditional hanok style guest house in early October 2016 for 4 nights. Located between the eastern and western palaces in the Bukchon Village area of Seoul it really is perfectly located for visiting a part of Seoul that wasn’t destroyed by the war. The neighborhood is interesting with many good restaurants and the guest house is old and charming. The Proprietor is helpful and welcoming. The Korean breakfast, served in our room, was excellent. My only caution for the traveler would be two things that the owners don’t have much control over. First, Seoul has a problem with mosquitoes and since it was still quite warm in Seoul this fall, we battled very small mosquitoes in our room, despite very good screens. Could be we should have closed the shutters and turned on the A/C and we would have fared better. Additionally, keep in mind that this is a small establishment, so if others are jet lagged and forget it’s 2 AM, you are probably going to be hearing your neighbors during the night. But, overall a great experience. And, when you think about it, if you want to stay in traditional housing, then you shouldn’t be expecting it to feel like the Ritz Carleton.