For the past few days in Sabah we wanted us to relax a bit and chose the nearby island of KK Manukan. Arrival / Room: Already at the pier we were surprised: by private email boat we were taken to the island. Us a cool water was also pressed into his hand the same. On the island you received us very friendly with a cool cloth and a tea / drink. Although we arrived already at 11 am, we moved into our beach villa same. We were told everything and there were apples ready and refrigerate soft drinks and replenished daily free water. Our Beach Villa was the first one up front at the reception and on the way, but the fact that we were on the first floor, the day visitors did not bother us. The room and the bathroom are really very nice, clean and large. It is anything useful present: flip-flops, flip-flops for outdoors, beach towels, shampoo, shower gel, a comb, a toothbrush, etc. The TV has some channels in English. The WiFi does so about 50% of the time works, and if so, then the connection was good. But since I do not know that there is absolutely WiFi, I was pleasantly surprised anyway. Beach: The private beach is very nice, the chairs and umbrellas are great. With us rarely strayed days Visitors on our beach and were usually relatively quickly pointed out by the staff that they are here only allows guests. In the water was only now and then someone Resort stranger. (But was apparently just not much going on). The hammocks were also very comfortable. Unfortunately, on the first two days, a bit much trash on the beach, and although actually some employees were traveling, was not collected the. But from the third day it was all super clean. Convenient to all Villa Beach residents might still be a shower or locker room at the private beach, one could go swimming on the last day even after checking out. but otherwise it is not far to the room, so do not disturb it. Since the seabed is very sandy, the water is not always clear, especially if it is something stormy. However, I found the snorkeling better than expected. You see a lot of fish and a few living coral there still. Restaurant: The breakfast was amazing. One can choose from 6 different dishes as much as you want but until you come to order, you already have fruit, yogurt, milk, cereal, bread, jams are at the table. as we were a few days there, we tried almost everything and it was all very good. The dinner was also very good, but the selection was not quite as big. The live music was not bad, but I found it funny when they are directly at the table, but the Asian tourists found the apparently quite cool. The prices of local I found okay, I had feared worse. The cocktails were not bad either. Other: there are from the infrastructure all it takes, there are two souvenir shops that sell snacks, drinks and ice cream, three restaurants (during the day), and a rental for lifejackets / snorkel / etc, you can book some tours on Downbelow. and the resort also offers a few specials on (dinner on the beach, BBQ, picnic basket, ...) All in all, we liked it really well on Manukan. The day trippers not really bother us, but it is also pretty cool, if you have the island from late afternoon almost alone for themselves. For us it was exactly what we had imagined. We did not want to be so far away from KK, a beautiful beach and a nice room, have to go a little snorkeling and walk a little. Those who place more emphasis on marine life, should perhaps rather long way from KK (eg Mantanani Iceland or, probably best to Semporna). But we have felt very comfortable and special and can highly recommend it. Which is a shame (for which the resort but nothing can), the many garbage which is not only washed ashore from the sea, but is mainly caused by the day trippers. People throw everything away easily or leave it. In addition, an extra is that one should not use plastic bags in the shops but they are used for all sorts of things.

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