Just… wow!


Following a 3 hour drive north from the airport and then getting onto a small boat at a dock in the middle of nowhere, you get ferried away from the mainland for an hour and a half. Making your way past small islands and following a remote coast of golden sand you arrive on the beach where you wade through the warm shallow clear water to get to the jeep. Being whisked off to a remote hut, there is just your hut which is about 50 mtrs away from the next.

Peace. Quiet. Nature. Sand. Sun. Remoteness.

100 mtrs from the beach, the views are endless. Waking up, going to sleep, just the noise of birds, bugs, a dog in the distance, monkeys and waves crashing.
(...)Taking a canoe down at the other end, it’s possible to paddle out to another small island off shore. Or walk around to one of the other very tiny resorts.

If you want nightlife, shopping, clubs, bars, socialising, fine food, luxury accommodation, cleanliness and an abundance of modern comforts – this is not for you.

If you want adventure, solitude, being with nature, charming and quaint cabins, beach and being undisturbed then book straight away.

I would love to go back.”