“We are a family of five and have been in several luxury lodges around the world so far and for that matter we are not easy to impress. But, the devotion to fulfill his guests’ expectations as seen in Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safari Camp is hard to mach. Everything is so well organized and you feel special from the first minute you arrive there.
Since we are not used to such high temperatures and humidity, we were afraid how we will cope with that, but stepping in to an air-conditioned tent and cold, wet towels as a first thing when you step down from your jeep made our fears totally irrelevant.
The tents and amenities are excellent, very clean and safe from bugs. Even if you never stayed in tents before, there is no reason to fear from lack of comfort. The touch of luxury that we found in our Luxury tent was in range of a five star hotel. You cannot admire enough the hard wood furniture and commitment to details that makes this tent an accommodation for royalties.
This is a rare lodge where breakfast, lunch and dinner, could compete with any top restaurant (or a million star Michelin as Noel calls it since it’s under the amazing starry sky). You can ask for a special menu for kids and if you are celebrating a special occasion, the staff will do their best to make it unforgettable. Even the birthday cake made in a jungle kitchen is not a problem for them. 
The staff shows extensive knowledge on all the animals, but having Noel as a guide and driver is incomparable to any other. Noels lodge is a 20 minute drive from the park entrance Block 5, but the jeeps are comfortable and there are interesting things to see even on the way. The landscapes in the park are just breathtaking and beyond this world. The park is a treasure box for a birdwatchers. We love all the animals, but spoting leopard was our goal.
Spoting animals in such a thick jungle is very difficult and it’s not always easy to find one in an open space. But, Noel has a six sense for it and with him on the wheel, you cannot miss. His years of living in nature and his devotion to leopards taught him how to read signs, leopard footsteps and monkey alarms, to be able to bring his guests to amazing sights of animals in their natural habitat. The respect and love for nature that he and his staff are showing must surely impress you. And the passion he shows when he finds that leopard is just contagious. We saw leopards up close, sloth bears and many other animals, more then we could ever hope for.
Of course, a camp like this, has its price and it´s a lot of money, but don’t let the price be your main decision factor. In Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard safari camp you are buying something money can’t buy – the love and passion for animals and nature and absolute commitment to every wish you might have during your stay in this camp.

We returned home with some great pictures, unforgettable memories and I might say, friends for life. Thank you Noel and Cecile for making it happen!

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