Its a long way from anything but so worth the trip

“We booked this hotel some time ago, aided in no small part by a series of excellent reviews on this site. It was then with some consternation, that we read a couple of rather damning verdicts that were just posted prior to our arrival. Had we made a big mistake? Had something gone wrong? Reading these reviews a second time, one got the impression that one in particular was blaming the hotel for just about everything that was occurring in the world, so we carried on regardless. We are glad we did because this is a wonderful hotel, in great settings, much attention to detail, superb food, and lovely staff.
I very rarely give out 5* on a review, saving it for a truly lovely experience, and this was one of them (...). The hotel itself is small, only 10 rooms, set in beautiful grounds next to a fast moving , but shallow river, the sound of which makes a lovely background and soothing effect. It is also situated next to a natural hot spring which they have used for 2 hotel use only hot tubs and another which is shared with the locals. We witnessed Monks and local children turning up in the evening for a soak which was wonderful to see. The hotel is very focused on using as many local provisions as possible, which again we liked, as it shows commitment to the environment. They bottle water from the river for drinking use too. (...) The staff are super friendly, and of course only a few speak English, but there was never a problem because of that.
As for niggles and improvements , of course there are always some, which I have suggested to the management so as not to be misunderstood by readers as complaints, because I have none really.
I only wish I was rich enough to afford a helicopter for the trip here, because I would visit often. Its a beautiful experience and I cannot recommend it enough.”