Is Villa Song as good as before

We visited Villa Song in May 2015. Our review was a bit gushing but accurate. We finally made it back for our second visit hoping it would be as is better. If you were to write a handbook as to how to run a 5 Star boutique hotel, start with Villa Song. Nothing is left to chance. The staff are professional, friendly, efficient and so happy. The rooms are stylish and very comfortable. The pool and public areas are excellent. The restaurant puts out superb, beautifully presented food created by Chef Kevin and his brigade – you won’t get bored with his brilliant and evolving menu. A guest asked for a drink from the bar that the bar staff were not familiar with. My wife told them the ingredience but before they gave it to the guest, they mixed two and brought them to our room to see which was better before mixing it for their guest.....service? I could go on and on about the hotel. In my first review I said that they treat you like an honored guest. This time we felt like friends. Who knows – next time we may be treated like family and have to make our bed and wash our own dishes...we will still be back as soon as we can. ‘Our Second Home’