Incredible Experience

“We visited the Leopard Safari February 2015 while on a long overseas trip to SE Asia– hence I am posting this a year later! It was a remarkable experience. The camp itself was a pleasure to stay in-the tents and beds comfortable and spotless–a remarkable feat given the rain and mud.
We were travelling with a four year old who explored every path and the staff were marvelous help keeping her amused-they were genuine and attentive which we appreciated! The food was memorable and we felt completely catered to–my husband and I prefer food on the spicy side and the chefs certainly delivered! Now for the wildlife: we were extremely lucky–saw leopards every second time we went out (we went out a total of 5 or 6 times) so we would recommend staying at least two nights–we stayed three because we wanted to increase our chances of seeing leopards. In one encounter, we tracked a leopard as it moved around a large watering hole and the guide accurately predicted where it would emerge and you could actually see the animals reacting (giving their warning calls) to the hidden leopard as it moved around the small lake. It was like living a National Geographic episode! The guides are clearly leopard enthusiasts but the number of exotic (to us) birds, reptiles and small game they identified for us made each trip out an experience to remember. The icing on the cake was seeing young leopards playing together only about a car length away from us! The guide generously shared all his high res photos with us; our camp seemed to be in a prime location to access the park; our tour appeared more intimate than others we saw and our guides seemed to be highly respected by the other drivers (who shared tips and sightings freely with us). This really is a first class experience and we would and have recommended Noel’s Leopard Safari to anyone travelling to Sri Lanka.