Hotel with old charm

“Hotel Tugu Bali is located on the shores of Canggu Beach at one of the most romantic places in the island.
We stayed here a few nights over the Nyepi day, which is the Balinese day of silence and it was an incredible experience. The staff members have done everything to make this time pleasant for all the guests and we immediately felt like a part of a family.
The mission of Tugu luxury art hotels is to bring back to life the art, soul and romance of Indonesia’s long forgotten years. The hotel owner is an antique collector for many years and all the priceless pieces of Indonesian antiques and artworks are beautifully positioned around the hotel, blending perfectly with the hotel ambience.
From the moment we arrived, we were pleasantly greeted by the hotel staff members. They send a car to pick us up from our previous hotel with delicious fruit baskets to enjoy during the ride. A lovely touch!
So, from the moment we arrived to the hotel we knew that this would be an unforgettable experience. The hotel manager took us around the hotel and explained us about different antiques and all the special pieces that the hotel possess.
At the lobby entrance you stumble upon an impressive wooden giant Garuda, which was carved from a 120-years-old tree. Around the grand lobby are tropical gardens with beautiful lotus ponds and small paths that leads to the resort villas.
We stayed in spacious Rejang Suite, which was located on the upper floor of a charming Javanese house. The suite had dark timber interior and was decorated with different artworks. The room had a working area, separate shower and bathroom, a big carved four-poster bed, a terrace with a private spa area and a unique sunken bathtub with amazing views over the Indian Ocean.
A dining concept at Hotel Tugu Bali is completely different than in any other hotel we have stayed at. You can choose to dine whenever and where ever you like. We usually had our breakfast in the lobby with lovely view of the garden. The breakfast was a la carte and the food was delicious. They also served the high tea with different sweets every day.
In the evening we have planned a romantic dinner Picnik in Bed, but because it was raining, we had to move it from the beach to the 300-years-old Bale Sutra Temple. We felt like a royalty sitting at this big table where many, many years before the royal Balinese kings had their dinner served. Amazing!
Hotel Tugu Bali is a special place, it gives you the real Bali feeling. So, if you are looking for an authentic and luxurious hotel in Bali, this is a place for you.”