Healthy Reefs = Happy Heart

“WOW. On so many levels.
1) Diving is outstanding. This is how coral reefs are supposed to be. Vibrant, diverse, and CLOUDS of fish! An enforced and patrolled Marine Protected Area is actually possible beyond just a paper designation. And being located in the heart of the Coral Triangle at the epicenter of coral reef biodiversity doesn’t hurt either! Dive guides and boat drivers are excellent.
2) The lodge itself is the result of the founders’ clear vision — to preserve the area by allowing people to experience it. While this should be the goal of any ecotourism operator, Misool does it exceptionally well. The lodge was built with reclaimed timber, and a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and love. Wastewater is broken down by beautiful plants. A solar array adorns the dive center roof. Food waste is composted. No plastic water bottles. No shrimp served (one of the most wasteful and destructive fisheries in the world). Accommodations are stunningly beautiful, built on stilts over the turquoise lagoon. Outdoor shower is the BEST — showering by moonlight and stars is a real treat.
3) The staff is beyond outstanding. Friendly, helpful, genuine, and quick to smile and laugh.
4) The food is heavenly — Indonesian style, fresh, and plentiful.
5) Dive center is extremely well thought out. Clearly, a diver and underwater photographer designed it. Plenty of space to suit up, rinse and hang wet dive gear. Dedicated camera rinse tanks. And terrific camera work space to service cameras, charge batteries, and keep cameras dry and protected.
6) Interesting manta ray and shark research was going on during our stay. Guests can contribute to the manta research by photographing manta identification shots during their dives. The manta research has been instrumental in getting the government of Indonesia to ban manta fishing. Again, Misool puts the “”eco”” in eco resort!
6) If there’s a downside, it was that we had to leave! This is a place worth returning to over and over again.”