Great Service!

“This is an awesome place to go. Can’t fault it at all. Definitely do the waterfall excursion as well for some more natural beauty.

But besides all of that, I just wanted to say what amazing service the staff delivered. The resort manager is a man called Adonis, and he really did go above and beyond. I ended up dropping some red wine on my beige trousers during dinner and I was leaving the next day. I didn’t have the time or the right washing materials to get the stain out. Adonis said he was doing his personal washing that evening and very kindly offered to wash my trousers for me too. He used some stain remover, some other washing stuff, gave it a good hand scrub, and even managed to get them completely dry for me to take back the next morning (stain free). This was not part of any laundry service and he personally did this as a favour...thank you Adonis!

Really great service all round. An awesome experience and would highly recommend staying here.”