Great location to unwind and relax

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“The stay was actually in December 2016, so this review is very long overdue. The five of us booked two villas, and since we were the only guests during our stay, it felt like we rented the whole property.

The property is quite secluded, which makes it the perfect location to just get away from the hustle and bustle of life and relax a bit. Get closer to nature, join a yoga session or two, and there’s even a rigorous jungle gym trained by a marathoner for the more active guests.

Service was great, everything was meticulously prepared with great care by the staffs. When we left, almost everyone (including the management) came out to bid us farewell. Almost makes us not want to leave.

One other thing worth noticing is the jamu (javanese herbal concoctions), which are freshly made every morning during breakfast. I’m not usually a jamu person, but I partake quite a lot (almost every kind) that’s available.”