Great experience

“Just checked their website and they seemed to have changed their menu! Seems like what I had was a mixture of their old menu and the new one.

Snacks (Choy Sum Nori, Beef Tendons, Mango Curry, Yoghurt and Roselle):

Choy Sum Nori was quite cool and memorable! The others were ... interesting? Could be too weird for some.

Starters (Blue Mackerel, Roast Mushrooms, Grilled Vegetables, Home Made Noodles):

Quite liked the roast mushrooms. Was told to eat from right to left, but perhaps plating it from left to right would be make more sense since most people hold their forks on the left and knives on the right? Just a suggestion! The noodles weren’t that great, however.

Mains (Pike Conger, Duck, Quail):

The highlight of the night! I really loved each of the 3 main dishes, but sadly two of them don’t seem to be on the new menu anymore. Probably one of the most memorable dishes I’ve had.

Desserts (Mulberries, Gula Melaka, Chocolate Tart, Popsicles):

The 3 desserts from the menu were great. At the end they gave us 3 additional popsicles even though we were absolutely stuffed by then. Really didn’t like the weird popsicle flavours, but to each their own perhaps? Can’t imagine it would be popular since none of us liked the popsicles.

Service was great, however some were a little too soft-spoken when it came to explaining the dishes. Not sure if having descriptions left on the table would be too tacky but I would love to have something to refer to while eating.”