Great crew

“This was my first time traveling alone, and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived for this portion. But I absolutely loved it. The crew was great, the guide Tri was fantastic, and the trip itself was so relaxing and interesting. We saw many orangutans in the forest (including a baby!), visited Dayak villages, and had delicious meals three times a day- and that’s coming from someone who considers herself a picky eater.

I absolutely recommend this tour group (and especially the boat and staff I had). I’d also suggest you go while you can- you could see gold prospecting in quite a few spots. In order for them to get at the gold, they need to burn the forest down. It also leaves large mounds of white sand along the river. It’s very sad, but perhaps with an up-tick in tourism, there will be a greater push for putting a stop to this? I’d like to add while it was disturbing to see, it did not make the trip less enjoyable. Rather, it just makes me want to get more involved.”