Floating Paradise in the Jungle – Outstanding Service and Amazing Location

“There are so many wonderful things about this hotel; the location, the staff, the activities, the atmosphere…. (…)The rooms are beautiful – poshest tent I have ever stayed in, and it really is floating – you can feel a gentle movement at night time and when people walk past – which I really liked.

The people that work at the hotel and as trip guides are all mostly all from the local island opposite and surrounding village area which gave the whole experience a real charm. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful – it really was a perfect paradise.
The hotel manager arranged our transport back to Phomn Penh for us (we opted for a shared VIP bus on the way back – which was $15 each and took about 5 hours). One of the members of staff waited with us in Tatai village until the mini bus arrived and loaded our bags etc… – truly exceptional and helpful service.

One of the main highlights has to be waking up and diving straight into the river from your personal deck and also kayaking around the islands! This is an incredible experience not to be missed!