Fine dining with lots of local flavours, something really different

“Inexpensive ingredients but the amount of effort put in to make it look so fine. Worth the dining experience. Unlike the usual Western style where you get rosemary / fennel / thyme, we get typical ingredients that can be found in Asian dishes, eg. cumin, ulam, green curry paste, local flowers.

The 5 courses lasted from 8pm till midnight and staffs were already tired by then. It was so obvious we could tell it from their expressions and all. Well I feel bad for making them stay up, but then again, we don’t decide when the dishes should come out so..... either buck up on serving time or.... improve on being professional even if it’s till late. Don’t get me wrong about service, they are pretty good in that, taking extra time to explain to us, repeating when we were a little too chatty about it. They are nice people, students learning I believe. Maybe it’s better to be there earlier so it could end by 11.”