Fine Dining experience in a village life… Interesting

“My 2nd visit to this resort since my last year stayed. This time was a bit different experience compared my previous because it’s happened to be the yearly Rainforest World Music Festival 2016. It’s full house and my 1st experience to stay in a dormitory style. Very clean and just nice with 6 beds in a room. I would categorize this as luxury dormitory style.

For those who are planning to come for this yearly event, I would suggest you to stay around Santubong area where it easy for you to access to RWMF2016. The Village has taken over everything for their guests, hassle free during my stays here. To my surprised, our breakfast, dinner and supper are included during this period of time in one price. The most impressed was the 4 courses fine dining dinner set. Awesome!...

The only downside of my stays here are the foods quality has dropped especially during breakfast time. Our ordered has taken wrongly and we were rushing to check out. Overall the foods are bit too salty. I can understand because of this festive has keeping the staffs so busy and tired but really need to maintain it quality.

I will still come back again but not during any festive period.”