Fantastic place to unwind

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“A beautiful little hotel about 40 minutes out of Kuching centre.
The room was great, the 4 post bed was comfy( and squeaky!) The air con was a great relief. The bathroom was clean and the linen was fluffy.

The staff were very attentive and friendly. On site they have a kitchen you can order reasonably priced food and there is a bar that is also well priced. I really enjoyed the food but I didn’t trying any western dishes other than a sandwich. When we left for our red-eye flight the staff gave us sandwiches for the trip.

There are some deck chairs around the pool that are shaded and the pool is clean, warm and adds to the overall relaxing vibe.
There’s beautiful gardens too. The ponds and fountains also added to the relaxing nature.

I would recommend this to anyone that wants to unwind and relax.

They also run trips from the hotel to all the major touristy bits and they can book taxis and airport transfers.”